Introducing 10 new members

November was quite a busy month as MANRS gets more attention and interest from the network operators community. Since 30 October, 10 new members have joined.

These networks came from all over the world – from Mozambique, 5 European operators, one from Kenya and one from Bangladesh and 2 Brazilian operators.

They all joined probably for different reasons, but all of them unites the recognition that routing security problems cannot be solved by any single entity and that collaboration is essential. Apart from facilitating this collaboration, MANRS brings more transparency, clarity and accountability.

Let them speak for themselves:

iWayAfrica Kenya believes that the MANRS project is critical in today’s global Internet ecosystem, and want to play our part in making the Internet routing security landscape better for all.” – says Alfred Wandati, Senior Network Engineer.

Anirban Datta, Assistant Manager from Fiber@Home Limited, notes that “since its beginnings, Fiber@Home has endeavored to keep up a safe and strong system“, implementing best practices and encouraging their clients to do the same. “Clinging to MANRS activity fortifies this position.

Marcelo Gondim, CTO of Nettel Telecomunicações Ltda believes that MANRS “is an initiative that will bring more security to our Internet. If every AS follows good practice, we will have a much better Internet for all of us.

And for Renato Pereira de Souza from SpeedWeb Telecom, the reason to join MANRS was “to contribute to the safety of the global computernetwork and also absorb good practice information to continue applying it to my network.

As ELASTX, a Swedish operator delivering Cloud services, published on their website delivering a product of quality to our customers and partners “includes delivering good and strong routing security. And thanks to the membership at MANRS, we can now ensure everyone of the high importance and quality routing security has at ELASTX. With MANRS, we can introduce a safer routing ecosystem in Sweden and become an example to other IT companies striving for the best experience possible online. Most
importantly for us at ELASTX, we can keep delivering bleeding edge safety to all our customers and partners.

10 different networks, united by a single objective to make the Internet better!

Warm welcome!

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