Rwanda IXP Community Gets MANRS Training Online

This week, we started a practical online course on MANRS for a group of engineers in Rwanda in collaboration with the Rwanda Internet Community and Technology Alliance (RICTA), which runs the Rwanda Internet Exchange (RINEX).

Over the next three weeks, 16 engineers selected by RICTA, which also manages the .RW country code top-level domain, will spend approximately an hour a day learning everything from the basics of MANRS to the set of actions designed to fix common routing issues.

Besides learning how to collaboratively secure the global routing table using the four MANRS actions for network operators, they will also get to put their learnings into practice.

The participants get access to our e-learning platform where they can find material for the five modules we will cover in this course. While the modules will be covered in the first two weeks, the third week will be a hands-on lab, where they will be expected to apply MANRS principles in a virtual environment which consists of a typical routing topology found in IXPs and ISPs.

At the end of each week, we will have a video conference with them so they can ask any questions they may have about the course. Throughout the course, we will also keep the trainees engaged via a WhatsApp group for instant communication related to the course.

RINEX is a participant of the MANRS IXP programme and has already implemented all the actions, so we are hopeful the course will inspire engineers affiliated with other networks in Rwanda to also join MANRS.

We will be giving updates of the course on Twitter, so please follow us to learn more!

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