Announcing the 2022 MANRS Ambassadors

We are excited to announce five individuals have been selected as 2022 MANRS Ambassadors, including two who served as Fellows last year.  

Ambassadors are representatives from MANRS participant organizations who show expertise and leadership in the routing security community. They are well-respected professionals committed to helping make the global routing infrastructure more robust and secure. The 2022 MANRS Ambassadors are:


  • Musa Stephen Honlue (AFRINIC)
  • Simon Baroi (Fiber@Home)


  • Massimo Candela (NTT)
  • Romain Fontugne (IIJ)


  • Tiago Felipe Gonçalves (AMS-IX)

The MANRS Ambassadors Selection Committee, consisting of representatives from the MANRS Steering Committee, assessed the applications. 

Ambassadors will work with MANRS Fellows to train diverse communities on good routing practices, analyze routing incidents, research ways to secure routing, and survey the global policy landscape. 

Ambassadors receive a monthly stipend of US$1,500 for up to eight months. The Internet Society supports this program as part of its work to reduce common routing threats and establish norms for network operations.  

The related Fellowship program is open to any emerging leader in routing security, and Fellows are not required to represent a MANRS participant organization. Fellowship applications close on Friday, 18 March 2022. To apply or for more information, please visit this page

Congratulations to this exceptional group of Ambassadors. We look forward to improving routing security around the world together!

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