2023 MANRS Mentors and Ambassadors Announced

Today, we are proud to announce the 2023 cohort of the MANRS Mentors and Ambassadors Program, who will work to make the global routing infrastructure more robust and secure. 

Mentors – well-respected routing security professionals – help guide Ambassadors — emerging leaders — to improve their skills while working together in their regions and industries.

During the six-month program (June to December), the Mentors and Ambassadors will work across the MANRS training, research, or policy tracks. 


Mentors are thought leaders who contribute to improving routing security across the Internet. Mentors provide counseling, guidance, and feedback to others in the routing security community, especially MANRS Ambassadors. This year, the three Mentors are: 


Erika Vega


Harish Chowdhary


Tijay Chung

Harish Chowdhary and Tijay Chung served as Ambassadors last year. 


Ambassadors are emerging leaders in the routing security community. They bring new perspectives, innovative ideas, and research experience into MANRS work and are guided by MANRS Mentors. This year, the Ambassadors are:


  • Sergio Hernández Torres
  • Sandra Munoz
  • Anand Raje


  • Dessalegn Yehuala
  • Hernan Moguilevsky
  • Mujtaba Hussain


  • Thomas Holterbach
  • Adefoulou Jediel
  • Nicolas Boettcher

Congratulations to this exceptional group of Mentors and Ambassadors. We look forward to improving routing security around the world together! 

Each Mentor and Ambassador must sign and return an agreement, so this list may change if any of the selected candidates can no longer participate and we call in alternates. The final list of Mentors and Ambassadors, including their biographies and photos, will be available on our website within a couple of weeks.

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