Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) is a global initiative with over 900 participants that helps reduce the most common routing threats. MANRS brings together Mentors and Ambassadors to make the global routing infrastructure more robust and secure.

Mentors – well respected routing security professionals – help guide Ambassadors to improve their skills while working together to improve routing security in their regions and industries. During the six-month program, Mentors and Ambassadors work in one of three areas:

    • Training
    • Research
    • Policy Analysis

This year’s program runs from 1 June – 1 December 2023. Meet the 2023 Mentors and Ambassadors. 

Learn more about the schedule, selection criteria, and more below.


    Applications Open Apr 04 - Apr 19
    Review Period Apr 20 - Apr 28
    Mentors and Ambassadors Selected May 05
    Program Dates Jun 01 - Dec 01 Meet the Champions

    About MANRS Mentors

    MANRS Mentors are thought leaders who contribute to improving routing security across the Internet. Mentors provide counseling, guidance, and feedback to others in the routing security community, especially MANRS Ambassadors. They may:

    • Provide expert-level guidance to MANRS Ambassadors to help them improve their routing security knowledge and fulfill their goals
    • Recommend improvements to the MANRS actions, implementation guides, tools, and educational content
    • Analyze routing incidents, routing-related research, or policy developments and provide guidance to the MANRS Steering Committee
    • Advocate on behalf of MANRS in local and regional technical communities
    • Increase awareness of routing security within industry and government partners

    About MANRS Ambassadors

    MANRS Ambassadors are emerging leaders in the routing security community. They bring new perspectives, innovative ideas, and research experience into MANRS work, and are guided by MANRS Mentors. They may:

    • Develop and improve training content and online labs
    • Conduct online tutorials, training, and workshops
    • Provide technical assistance and guidance to less experienced network operators
    • Create or improve routing security tools to detect BGP leaks and attacks, measure the state of ROA/ROV
    • Monitor policy developments and provide summaries and feedback to the MANRS Mentors and Steering Committee

    Program Objectives

    • Promote MANRS to new audiences through training, research, and policy activities such as facilitating technical discussions, holding virtual and in-person meetings, creating educational materials, and conducting routing security research.
    • Provide hands-on assistance in understanding routing security, implementing MANRS actions, and ensuring continuous conformance.
    • Encourage policymakers to lead by example in their own networks, strengthen communication between private and public sectors, and help realign incentives to favor stronger security, while also preserving vital aspects of the system that have allowed the Internet to be open and universal.


    Applicants must create an individual account and apply through the Internet Society Foundation’s portal. Applicants must have a bank account in their own name in order to receive funds.

    MANRS Mentors must be able to allocate approximately four (4) hours per week to MANRS activities.

    MANRS Ambassadors must be able to allocate approximately two (2) hours per week to MANRS activities.

    Mentors and Ambassadors will select one track – training, research, or policy – during the application process. They must commit to the entire length of the six-month program, running June 1 to December 1, including monthly meetings and regular online discussions. They must have reliable broadband Internet access including videoconferencing capabilities, and be proficient in verbal and written English. There is no age requirement or employment requirement.

    Application Review Process

    Applications will be accepted between 4 April 2023 and 19 April 2023. Mentors and Ambassadors will be selected by MANRS Steering Committee members and Internet Society staff.

    Applicants will be notified via email about the status of their application per the schedule above.

    Selection Criteria

    • For Mentors: strong preference will be given to candidates who are affiliated with a current MANRS participant in good standing.
    • Academic or career experience in routing security relevant to the category you’re applying for (training, research, or policy).
    • Training applicants should have experience hosting in-person or virtual workshops, creating or updating online learning content, or improving online labs.
    • Policy applicants should provide evidence of analyzing existing policy documents targeting Internet security, routing security, DDoS, and issues that can be addressed through MANRS actions.
    • Research applicants should submit any published works on routing security topics including BGP incidents, new or updated tools, or implementation guides.
    • Routing security industry involvement including network operator groups, research and education networks, academic conferences, industry forums, or other technical communities.


    Mentors will receive a $9,000 USD stipend paid in three equal installments over the six-month program.

    Ambassadors will receive a $4,500 USD stipend paid in three equal installments over the six-month program.

    Remuneration is based on established key performance indicators, reviewed every month.


    Final reports are due through the Fluxx system 30 days following the end of the Mentorship or Ambassadorship.


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