Introducing ROAST Data for the MANRS Observatory 

The MANRS Observatory allows MANRS participants to understand how their routing security posture compares to others and provides information about current and past problems regarding some of the MANRS Actions that need to be fulfilled to be a MANRS participant in good standing.

This data is collated from multiple open sources, including APNIC Labs and RIPE Stat, and as on 9 May 2023 will also include data about ROA objects and their validation sourced from the MANRS ROA Stats tool ROAST.

What is ROAST? 

ROAST is a public tool that provides data about ROA objects and their validation. The difference between ROAST and other tools, such as RIPE Stat, is it checks the validity of every prefix seen by RIPE RIS, including any small one. This means that even small mis-originations can be seen in the tool, as long as those have been picked up by RIS.

Data we can Trust Long-Term 

This is one of many improvements we have planned for the Observatory.

By using ROAST, we are switching to an internal data source, which gives us more control and enables us to think in terms of longer-term trust in the data we can provide to MANRS members. 

If you have any issues or see anything wrong with the data, please let us know at [email protected]

This work is supported by the Internet Society. Consider becoming an organization member to continue this and other MANRS efforts.

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