The MANRS Advisory Group is established to represent the MANRS Community, to develop the conditions for MANRS participation, and to ensure that decisions about participation have the support of the MANRS Community.


MANRS: Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security is an initiative to improve the security and resilience of the Internet global routing system.

MANRS Community: The Network Operator, IXP, and CDN/Cloud Provider organizations that are conformant with the applicable MANRS Actions and have been accepted as MANRS participants, and the Partner organizations that do not operate a network but who actively support the MANRS goals.

MANRS Actions: The Compulsory and Recommend Actions define the steps that organizations should be taking to improve the security and resilience of the Internet global routing system. There are defined actions for Network Operators, IXPs, and Content Providers.

MANRS Auditing Officer: The individual or individuals responsible for assessing whether organizations are MANRS conformant, based on the established criteria for MANRS participation.


The MANRS Advisory Group shall be comprised of a maximum of 20 individuals drawn from the MANRS Community (as defined in Article 2), and ideally representative of Commercial Network Operators, IXPs, Government departments or agencies, Research and Education networks or institutes, and Content Providers. Care should also be taken to ensure representation from as many RIR regions as possible, with no more than 5 individuals from one RIR region.

Terms of Office

The initial term of office for the MANRS Advisory Group Representatives is for a maximum of one year.

The MANRS Auditing Officers shall be ex-officio.


The MANRS Advisory Committee will have the following role:

  1. Making recommendations with respect to the MANRS conformance criteria for each of the recognized MANRS Actions in the Network Operator, IXP, and CDN/Cloud Provider programs. These recommendations include the criteria for joining MANRS and the criteria for continued conformance that form the auditing process.
  2. Developing a process for dealing with MANRS participants that fail to meet the established criteria for participating in MANRS.
  3. Developing a process for the future selection of MANRS Advisory Group representatives.
  4. Making decisions on MANRS applications where conformance with the established criteria for joining MANRS is marginal or unclear, or when unanticipated circumstances occur that are not documented by the auditing process.
  5. Handling appeals from MANRS applicants that have been refused approval by a MANRS Auditing Officer.
  6. Making decisions on the suspension and/or termination of organizations from MANRS participation that fail to meet the established criteria for participating in MANRS.
  7. Responding to external parties where routing incidents originate from a MANRS participant that does not itself respond within 24 hours of an incident being notified to them.
  8. Approval of MANRS Partners.

Recommendations with respect to 1), 2), and 3) will be subject to the approval of the MANRS Community.