The MANRS Steering Committee is comprised of individuals elected by the MANRS community to coordinate and develop the MANRS initiative.

Run for Election

Nominations are open from 1-28 October 2022. If you would like to volunteer yourself or nominate someone else to take a leading role in improving the resilience and security of a critical component of the Internet infrastructure, please fill in the nomination (now closed) form by 28 October. 

Everyone is eligible to serve on the Steering Committee – MANRS participation is not required. Candidates from MANRS participants may nominate themselves, while candidates from other organizations must be supported by a MANRS participant. Members of the Steering Committee may serve for a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms. 

Get Ready to Vote

MANRS participants will vote online from 1-3 November 2022. Each participant may submit one ballot. 

If your organization is a MANRS participant, make sure you know who your voting representative is and update information as needed. Log into your Observatory account and check your profile (in the top right of the screen). It will tell you if you’re the primary contact for your organization, or who it is if it isn’t you.

Key Election Dates

  • Call for Nominations:  1 October 2022-28 October 2022
  • Online Election: 1-3 November 2022
  • Results Announced: 8 November 2022

If you have any questions about the process, please contact us. To read the full details, read the full Appointment Process.