Whitepaper: Addressing the Challenge of Anti-Spoofing

bp-AntiSpoofing-20150904-en-cover“Prevent traffic with spoofed source IP addresses” is one of the four Expected Actions outlined in the MANRS document, and one that could lead to significant reduction in DDoS attacks and an overall more secure routing system. A new whitepaper from the Internet Society explores ways to make IP address spoofing a problem of the past. Read the full paper today at http://www.internetsociety.org/doc/addressing-challenge-ip-spoofing.

From the accompanying blog post:

“In February 2015, a group of network operators, security experts, researchers and vendors met at a roundtable meeting organized by the Internet Society with a goal to identify various factors that aggravate or help solve the problem, and to identify paths to improve the situation going forward.

The main conclusion is that there is no silver bullet to this problem and if we want to make substantive progress it has to be addressed from many angles. BCP38, which is sometimes promoted as *the solution* to the problem, – is just one tool, not effective in some cases. Measurements, traceability, deployment scenarios and guidance, as well as possible incentives, communication and awareness – are among the areas identified by the group where positive impact should be made.”

I encourage you to read the blog post, the full whitepaper, and the resources listed in this Action within the MANRS document. Together, we can help make the Internet a more secure, more robust place.

And if you haven’t yet committed to MANRS, now is the time! Implement anti-spoofing measures and agree to some of the other Expected Actions and show your support for collaborative security.

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